Ask the witches and wizards; Sonnie Badu insists eating pork is demonic


“As soon as the demons uncover that you’ve eaten one thing unclean, your spirit routinely will get subdued. When you go to mattress, they arrive, since you gave them entry.” He claimed.

In an interview with Kumasi-based Angel FM, Rev Sonnie Badu requested his critics to ask the witches and wizards about his declare. “You may ask all witches and wizards”, he challenged the host.

In accordance with the person of God, the scripture clarification that pork is clear solely works for people who find themselves pure.

And all of us aren’t pure due to this fact the witches get the possibility of trapping us, and what offers them the chance to destroy us is meals and what meals is it? It’s pork. You may ask all witchcraft” he emphasised.

Nevertheless, Dr Sonnie Badu provides that individuals who dispute his teachings can go forward and eat pork in the event that they need to. “Please you’ll be able to eat all the pieces you want to”, he mentioned.

Shades his critics, he continued that “they sit down and quote the scripture that Jesus Christ mentioned he has sanctified all issues, due to this fact, they’ll eat of it however are you clear? Do you qualify to even say that?

In the meantime, Ghanaian media character Kwami Sefa Kayi has disagreed with latest claims made by Rockhill Chapel chief Reverend Sonnie Badu towards the consumption of pork.

In accordance with him, he would most likely be the warehouse of demons if it have been to be true that consuming pork causes an individual to be possessed demonically.

On the flipside it has been reported that Sonnie Badu says those that eat pork may have demons attacking them at midnight. I don’t know if he really mentioned it. Sonnie Badu, wherever you’re it’s being reported that you simply declare demons will possess these of us who eat pork? If that’s the case I should be stuffed with it,” he said on the Wednesday, February 23, 2023, amidst laughter.

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