Eleven Days in May | Israel-Palestine conflict


The highly effective testimony of Palestinian households in Gaza as they bear in mind 54 of the youngsters killed throughout the 11 days of Israeli bombing in Might 2021.

In 2021, within the 11 days between Might 10 and 21, Israel’s bombardment of Gaza killed greater than 60 Palestinian kids.

This movie is a stark, emotional memorial to a few of these kids, advised by household testimony, residence footage and pictures of younger lives, lived and misplaced.

In a grim and repeating sample, day-to-day, household by household, their tales unfold: brothers and sisters chuckle and cry as they recall shared childhoods; grieving mother and father relive painful particulars of the bombings and create memorial tableaus of their kids’s possessions; cousins, aunts and neighbours paint an image of childhood and household life in Gaza.

On some days, total households have been all however worn out. In a single strike, a person misplaced his spouse and three kids, all aged beneath 10. One other assault killed 4 siblings from the al-Hadidi household – the eldest, Yousef, was 11 years outdated. The households deal with the viewer straight. They share the fun of life earlier than and the ache of funerals after, in a easy but highly effective narrative of 11 devastating days in Gaza.

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