What motivates you to cook, wash for your boyfriends? – Kafui Danku asks women


“Girls that go to their boyfriend’s home and begin cooking and cleansing for them and washing for them and assuming spouse tasks and all, what’s the motivation behind that?” she wrote.

The actress went forward to relate an incident the place a person who was pursuing her requested her to go to him.

On the second date, she visited him, she discovered him cleansing and didn’t provide to assist, and the person was not happy about it.

“So later he made an enormous fuss that I got here and I noticed him cleansing and doing no matter and did not provide to assist. That was the top. Once I left there, he by no means noticed me once more,” she added.

She went on to explain the person’s behaviour as disrespectful and urged ladies to be cautious in regards to the tasks they tackle in relationships, emphasizing the necessity to take issues slowly and to not assume spouse duties for males who should not dedicated.

“Now that I give it some thought, it was even disrespectful. You do not do this. At the very least date any individual for some time,” she added.

Although, Kafui Danku meant to encourage younger women to observe such a pattern, lots of her followers are moderately lashing out at her for giving dangerous recommendation.

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